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Together Stronger

The RMS government in exile has stated its policy in the strategic memo "Stronger Together". The main points are geographically divided into Maluku, Indonesia, Netherlands and International.

Human rights violations
Current developments and actions related to the Moluccan political prisoners and the flagrant violations of human rights demands much attention. Moluccan activists who peacefully their true political beliefs (RMS), have been
severely punished and tortured by the Indonesian oppressors.

On June 29, 2007 30 dancers at the Merdeka Square in Ambon City took out the RMS flag in front of the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Their action was symbolic and completely peaceful. The Indonesian authorities thought that they could lock up, abuse and torture these people unnoticed, as they have been doing for years. The Indonesian leaders made ​​a clear miscalculation.

The incident and torturing were perfectly mapped out and the evidence shortly afterwards reached the rest of the world. The leader of the dance group was initially sentenced to life imprisonment. The other members of the group were mostly sentenced between ten and twenty years.

The RMS government invested from the beginning of the process in a positive course of justice. Eventually the human rights lawyer Johnson Panjaitan was found willing to make an appeal to the Indonesian court's absurd sentences. Meanwhile, a Moluccan legal team was formed around these lawsuits and a human rights office in Ambon is founded.

Amnesty International
After the RMS government organized
the debate 'Respect for human rights: also in the Moluccas' in 'de Balie' in Amsterdam on June 21, 2008, human rights abuses of prisoners came into a momentum. Amnesty International London, invited to Amsterdam by the RMS government, conducted field research in the following months. This led  to to the Report "Indonesia: Jailed for waving a flag, Prisoners of conscience in Maluku", published later that year. In December 2008 Amnesty International launched a campaign in order to bring the human rights violations under the attention of the world community. Harry van Bommel of the Socialist Party, a participant in the debate asked parliamentary questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Human Rights Watch
On June 22, 2010 Human Rights Watch presented their report
"Prosecuting Political Aspiration, Indonesia's Political Prisoners" in Jakarta. The RMS government was present at the presentation in Jakarta. The report shows that Indonesia acts more than inadequate when it comes to applying the right of free political speech and that persons who make use of that right, are treated far from humane. The report found that the majority of political prisoners, of which allmost all expressed their political views in a peaceful manner, have been mistreated or tortured. Also basic necessary medical care was not granted by the Indonesian authorities.

A few days later, on June 29, 2010, again in de Balie in Amsterdam, the RMS government organized the political meeting "Bebaskan, stop persecution of peaceful political expression" The day after the present Socialist Party, presented a series of parliamentary questions to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Recent developments
On August 2, 2010, the day before the visit of Indonesian President Yudhoyono on to celebrate that the Sail Banda would take place in the Moluccas in 2010, about ten Moluccans lifted from their beds at night and arrested. Again, brute force was used and the anti-terror unit Densus 88 was involved. In the following days, more and more facts and circumstances became public. The Moluccans were arrested because they were in possession of Moluccan flags and "forbidden" RMS propaganda. They were arrested for preventive reasons and subversion. In some places in the Moluccas flag hoistings were organized with balloons in the Moluccan national colors. Meanwhile, it appears that among the forbidden books was also the report of de Human Rights Watch.

Legal aid RMS-prisoners of conscience and increasing legal quality
(Moluccan) lawyers are or are being employed to plead for the immediate release of RMS prisoners of conscience. Currently there are at least 80 Moluccans in prisons throughout Indonesia. The RMS government invests in a lasting quality improvement of legal services on the Moluccas.

The right of free expression and the human rights of prisoners of conscience
The RMS government pointed out
the gross violation of human rights of Moluccan activists by the Indonesian army to Amnesty International in London. Amnesty International has conducted an international campaign for the Moluccan flaghoisters. (read the report by Amnesty International)

Other major international organizations such as Human Rights Watch were approached by the RMS government. This has led to several international reports and publicationsincluding urgent appeals to Indonesia, to immediately release the RMS-prisoners of conscience. (read the report by Human Rights Watch)

Providing financial support to families of RMS prisoners of conscience
The families and families of the prisoners are hit hard. Breadwinners are longly detained. This leads to a shortage of income, making the families unaible to attain their basic necessities. Also there is a need of funds to buy food and medicine for the prisoners themselves. The RMS government contributes to this.
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