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Main objectives and principles of the RMS government

RMS government in exile at the 60th celebration of the RMS in Apeldoorn
  f.l.t.r.: Minister ing. ir. Edy Rahantoknam, Minister Trien Solisa, President Mr. John Wattilete
and Vice President drs. Willem Sopacua

Restoration of Sovereignty
The main objective of the RMS struggle is to restore
the Republic of the South-Moluccas's sovereignty. The RMS is a democratic constitutional state in which all its inhabitants can live in freedom and prosperity, according to the principles of democracy, regardless of ethnic or religious background.
Article 1 paragraph 1 of the Temporary Constitution of the RMS (September 4, 1950) reads as follows:
"The Republic of the South-Moluccas is a constitutional state, independent and sovereign, founded on the principles of democracy"

Right to Self-determination
The RMS-battle is a battle of the Moluccan people for their right to self determination, which, under Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, is a universal human right, to be realized in full compliance with "the desire and insistence" of the Moluccan people. Exactly as stated in the text of the Proclamation of Independence of the RMS of the 25th of April 1950.

Unfinished decolonization
The suppression of the Moluccan people and the emergence of the RMS is a direct result of an unfinished decolonization process. It still remains the responsibility of the Dutch government and the international community to complete the decolonization process, in line with the contents of the Round Table Conference agreement of 27 December 1949 and other (International) treaties. The International Community, the Netherlands in particular, remains responsible for the realization of self-determination of the Moluccan people and other peoples of Indonesia.

The RMS struggle is a noble and legitimate aim
The RMS equals freedom and prosperity for all residents residing within the territory of the South-Moluccan republic. Freedom and prosperity that the Moluccan people to date have been missing by the ruthless suppression of the Indonesian leaders. Striving for the realization of the RMS is to be named a noble pursuit. The aim of the Moluccan people to regain its independence is legitimate and in accordance with international law. The RMS aim is not at all kind of separatism, such as Indonesia claims, because the RMS once was sovereign, untill it was illegally overturned by the Indonesian government.

To restore the sovereignity of the Republic of the South-Moluccas the RMS-goverment organises activities in the Moluccas, in Indonesia, the Netherlands and the international world. It does this based on its policy.

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