Pemerintah darurat

‘Stop oppression and exploitation Maluku’ campaign.

The European Union (EU) and the Republic of Indonesia are planning to sign the CEPA trade treaty this year. This trade treaty between the EU and Indonesia is to confirm and strengthen their mutual trade relations in a wide range of areas.
The CEPA trade treaty should make it easier to facilitate mutual trade and improve the investment climate. This mainly means that the interests of the people do not come first or even second or third.

Exploitation Maluku

What stings the Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) government most is that even after all these years of occupation, the South Moluccas is still one of the poorest areas of Indonesia. This trade treaty will not improve anything in this situation. How is that even possible?
We know that the South Moluccas are enormously rich. Especially if you convert this per capita. They are especially rich in mineral resources like nickel, gold, the LNG bubble of the Masela block, but also the infinite fishing stocks in the Moluccan Sea.

The question is: Where are the profits and returns? How long and sticky are the bows of the corrupt regime and its local and regional bosses? How is it that the Moluccas have multiple natural resources but cannot live in prosperity? Our people in the Moluccas have been left to fend for themselves and remain on miserable terms.

Illegal logging and land expropriations

The habitats and residential areas of the original Moluccan population are increasingly
affected by legal and illegal logging, forced relocation of residents and expropriation of Adat
lands that have belonged to the Moluccan people for centuries. Examples are Sabuai and
Gunung Tinggi on Ceram and Marafenfen on the Aru- Islands.
But mining also has dramatic human- and environmental health impacts. Take for example Gunung Botak on Buru, the nickel mines on Pulau Gee and other areas in Halmahera Timor.

On West Ceram, the people of Taniwel stood up and acted against the exploitation of marble quarries.
We can see that those who are directly affected by the exploitations, are increasingly resisting. Unfortunately, there is the sad note that the leaders and activists of this resistance are facing severe sanctions.

Like them, why should we allow our own culture, traditions and social systems to be demolished?

Letters to the EU

In letters to Vincent Piket (EU Ambassador in Indonesia) and Josep Borrel Fontelles (High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security and Vice-President of the European Commission) – the Government of the Republic of the South Moluccas announced actions against the signing of the CEPA trade treaty between the Republic of Indonesia and the 27 member states of the European Union.

The RMS government believes that this CEPA treaty is illegal for as far as it affects the territory and people of the South Moluccas.

In its letters the RMS government makes clear that the Republik Maluku Selatan was proclaimed in accordance with International Law. Further its letters state that a few months after the proclamation of the RMS, it was annexed by Indonesia. This occupation continues to this day.

In its letter of 27 December 2019 to President Joko Widodo, the RMS government had already made it known that the Republic of Indonesia is being held liable for all consequences of the unlawful annexation and continued occupation of RMS territory.

EU should assess CEPA treaty against its own principles

The RMS government reminded both Picket and Borrel that the CEPA treaty must be examined in the light of international fundamental human rights and the fundamental rights of the European Union. The same will have to be done by the parliaments of the 27 EU member states when the CEPA treaty comes up for approval in their parliaments.

According to the RMS government, the treaty clashes on several key points:
⦁ The CEPA treaty is a violation of the right to self-determination of the South Moluccan people
⦁ Prosecution and conviction of citizens of the RMS violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (BUPO)
⦁ There is no independent jurisdiction in Indonesia and there is great legal inequality
⦁ The people of the South Moluccas are economically exploited.

No CEPA treaty

The RMS government believes that concluding a treaty between the Republik Indonesia and the European Union cannot involve the territory of the RMS.
As long as Indonesia occupies South Moluccan territory, oppresses and silences the South Moluccan population and other population groups such as the Papuans with military force, and as long as Indonesia does not care about respecting human rights, a CEPA treaty should never happen.

No freedom of political expression
For decades, Indonesia has been disregarding the freedom op political expression. Disregarding the freedom of Moluccan people to stand up for self-determination and regaining their sovereignty. The people in Maluku that show sympathy for the South Moluccan flag or hold documents that prove the legitimacy of the foundation and existence of the RMS are brought to court and given to long prison sentences. But also, the lives of their family are made hell.
Although Indonesia signed the international treaty for respecting free political expression, these examples show prove that Indonesia does not respect political expression in any way when it comes to sympathising with the RMS. Signing the international treaty was again an empty gesture.

Follow-up steps RMS government

If the EU is not willing to examine and reconsider the CEPA treaty against the objections of the RMS government- the RMS government will take this matter to the European Court of Justice.

It is up to us!

This oppression and exploitation must end, and Indonesia must be put on guard. The major key to this lies mostly in the hands of the 27 countries of the European Union. The 27 parliaments of these countries must first ratify this CEPA treaty. With this ratification, the individual parliaments are allowing the EU and Indonesia to go ahead with the CEPA treaty.

In short, these countries are about to sign an EU-wide free trade treaty with the Predatory State of Indonesia.

The goal of the RMS government is to prevent that with the CEPA treaty between Indonesia and the European Union will turn a blind eye to the oppression and exploitation of the Moluccas. The RMS government calls on all EU member states to check the CEPA treaty against international human rights and EU fundamental rights. To begin with, this includes the Dutch government and the House of Representatives.
If the EU is unwilling to test the CEPA treaty against the RMS’s objections before signing it, the RMS government will take the dispute to the European Court of Justice for assessment.

Take action

Come into action and join the ‘Stop the Oppression and Exploitation of Maluku’ campaign. Help end practices of the RI, the Predatory State of Indonesia. Join the campaign, do your bit and get moving. Join and participate so that our brothers and sisters in the South Moluccas can live in peace, prosperity and freedom!

On 17 August 2022, the RMS government’s Demo Team held a demonstration on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Follow-up actions and activities will take place in the coming period.